privacy to life

We help businesses in Life Sciences and Digital Health effectively manage privacy commitments, obligations, and risks by offering privacy services.


Managing privacy, empowering your business

Impact Privacy is uniquely positioned to address your privacy needs. Our multi-disciplinary team has deep knowledge and practical experience from successfully managing privacy in the healthcare space. To help, we bring expertise in privacy, legal, risk, operations, ethics, and information security. Additionally, we also maintain a multi-national approach with international capabilities, underpinned by a presence in the EU, North America, and the UK.


Solutions driven, delivery focused

At Impact Privacy, we believe that small and medium-sized healthcare businesses deserve the same high-quality privacy programmes as big businesses. Similarly, we understand the problems healthcare SMEs face and deliver meaningful solutions. Our team thrives on finding solutions significant to your specific needs. 


Challenging needs, targeted solutions

Impact Privacy helps navigate challenges involved in the safe and compliant collection and use of personal information. These challenges can arise through commitments (contractual or social), obligations (such as privacy and data protection laws), or stakeholder expectations. 

Impact Privacy’s solutions meet these commitments effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Our team works hard to bring you targeted and meaningful solutions to ensure your privacy needs are covered.

Choose a service based on your specific needs. From preparing for a health product or service launch to providing you with a DPO or privacy officer, we offer a number of services to fit your needs. Or, if you want complete privacy and data protection coverage, ask us about our Privacy as a Service model.

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